Agile: Scrum Coach, Lean IT and DevOps

Agile methods have entered into the mainstream of IT management, allowing a more efficient decission-making and improving the productivity dramatically.


Cynertia has helped many companies, in Barcelona and many other cities, to embrace sucessfully agile methods such as:

  • Scrum to manage software projects and product by one or more teams. With the support of a Scrum Coach, you will manage the change with success and embrace Scrum using proven strategies.
  • Kanban to manage the systems maintenance and incident management.
  • LeanIT to intoduce agility in the IT Service and Operations management.
  • DevOps to align smoothly the software development and systems operation.


Agile methods have simple rules, but their effective deployment is not as easy and quick at it seems, even if you can be assisted by someone who has done it before. To successfully "agilize" the company, it is critical to plan and manage correctly the change to the new model.


Joint use of Scrum, Kanban and DevOps to integrate

the development, maintenance and operation of the systems


In addition, choosing a tool that suits the company's needs eases greatly an effective and quick implementation of the agile processes. Cynertia can help you to deploy any tool, whether it is commercial, cloud or open source.



If you would like to receive more information about our Agile Methods consulting services, do not hesitate in reach us through our phone number +34 931 845 344 or through our contact form.