Cloud Migration Strategy

Most organizations face the challenge of optimizying the technical and human resources involved in the IT infraestructure.


To effectively reduce the IT budget and take advantage of the flexibility than Cloud Computing can provide, the IT Systems should be strategically assessed: 

  • Is your IT infraestructure appropriate for the current size of your company (budget, global presence, workforce and business partners)?
  • Are IT systems being used effectively? Is their current state a matter of the technical and human legacy?
  • Does our IT infrastructure support business trends? (going global, tight partner integration, mobile and social network enabled, etc.)?
  • Are our  IT systems based on technologies with a future? Which is their current payback and the cost of operating them?


These questions can justify an assessment of the IT Systems strategy which head us partially or totally towards Cloud or "pay per use" resources. Migrating effectively while mitigating the involved risks requires also consider aspects such as:

  • Which suppier should we choose? What are their tecnical and financial solvency? What are their references?
  • Which should be our migration strategy? Which roadmap can allow us to reach the goal scenario gradually while lowering the risk?
  • Which partners could help me to define a strategy centered on my interests and independent of the providers?


Cynertia can help you to define your needs and turn them into an effective Cloud strategy, based on the objective comparison of costs, providers and benefits of the current and desired states.


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