Business Intelligence Systems

Obtain an integrated understanding of operations, customers and the market is critical for the management can make better decissions.
The most frequent situation in an organization is where the information systems are highly disconnected and that makes costy to obtain an integrated information and to derive relevant business knowledge from that.
A Business Intelligence project should not be restricted to integrate data sources and deploy an interactive report generation system. It should embody activities such as the analysis of the business processes so the information can be extracted from data sooner and with less effort and also the definition of a measurement strategy and business objectives.
To improve the understanding of your whole business, you can rely on our services:
  • Definition of Management Dashboards and KPIs.
  • Deployment of Bi and reporting systems.
  • Definition of DSS (Decission Suport Systems)
  • We are specialists in Pentaho deployment.

Our management control services can also help by leading the deployment of a BI system.