Knowlege Management Systems

Staff knowlege is perhaps the biggest asset of a services organization, and well managed can improve increasingly the operations effectiveness and quality perception in eyes of your customers.

Effectively transform your organization into high performance requires it can continuously identify, analyze and spread the lessons learned and best practices among projects and processes, a simple way to describe the good management of knowlege. 
A successful knowledge management project goes beyond identifying which ECM/WCM/BPM products to use and what should be their usage model, but build those on improvements to the core business processes and staff training, reward scheme alignment and make explicit a new corporative culture. That is the difference among deploying new information repositories and shift your organization to a state where it obtains synergies, efficency and innovation from the interaction of their staff and sorrounding stakeholders.
Web 2.0 is now a mature model that enables the organization to learn and improve the comunication within its staff and with its customers, but the definition of a Corporate Web 2.strategy should be carefully defined and rolled out to obtain a real and measurable return on investment, while preserving a high image in front of the customers.
To better leverage your corporate knowledge, you can rely on our services:
  • Process and organizational consulting to improve knowledge management
  • Deployment of intranets and ECM/WCB/BPM systems
  • Development of Corporate Social Internet (Web 2.0) systems
  • Information architecture consulting