Is your company achieving your growth expectations? Do you get the results you want from your innovation projects?


If you want to aim higher, Cynertia can boost your business with proven techniques to get results on the following areas:

  • Product innovation, improving the benefits and value proposition of your new launches.
  • Service innovation, enhancing the experience and advantages of new solutions.
  • Process innovation, improving the performance of your key activities.
  • Business model innovation, reconfiguring the components and resources of your organization and partners to maximize value for your customers and shareholders.


Our solutions help you make the most of the components of your innovation management system whatever you want to address:

  • Innovation strategy.
  • Organization of innovation.
  • Innovation project portfolio management.
  • Creativity techniques and opportunity discovery.
  • Knowledge management systems.
  • Competitive intelligence surveillance and technology foresight.
  • Innovation projects control.



The benefits of Cynertia

Cynertia's agile tools, the best practices from different sectors and its comprehensive approach will give you unique insights about how to get the most from your investment in innovation.


Our integrated approach brings the customer and shareholder expectations to every phase of the innovation process, from opportunity discovery and concept generation to commercialization and exploitation, including project selection and new product development. Our methods will empower your team to challenge its current practices through training, mentoring and facilitation.


Our ongoing work with innovative startups, that avoid any project that doesn't bring immediate and direct results has led us to develop agile tools with fast implementation and payback.


Our projects with companies in many industries allows us to know the best practices useful in different environments and problems. Therefore, you can anticipate your competitors with the most advanced methodologies from other sectors.



Do you want to learn how to boost your innovation?


Ask us for more information on how we can help you to improve your results through our phone +34 646 06 62 95 or through our contact form. and we will develop a free customized plan to overcome your challenges.