Escale agility to manage a department with several teams

Agile methods are relatively easy to implement within single teams working in a favorable context, such as developing an in-house product. However, it's much more complex to escale those methods to a whole IT department, where typically one can find:

  • Multiple teams
  • Multiple projects (usually small)
  • Múltiple technologies (teams difficult to exchange)

In addition, scaling agility to an enterprise level requires to modify the IT department organization and also key processes such as:

  • Define the project portfolio and the budget
  • Assign projects and tasks to teams
  • Establish architectures and technical standards

Our coaches at ITNOVE can help you to:

  • Perform a customized training in agility
  • Define an organizational roadmap for the agile transformation
  • Facilitate change management with an agile coach
  • Provide expert support in agile practices and supporting tools

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